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About Us

Hello, I’m Furkan Atabas! Born in 1991 in Trabzon, I have a profound passion for technology, especially programming. I graduated from the Computer Programming department of Beşikdüzü Vocational School in 2012. My programming journey began in 2009 with HTML and CSS, and I self-taught PHP, SQL, jQuery in 2010. During my university education, I was introduced to C# and JAVA and continued to code in C# for two years post-graduation.

In 2013, I learned to code WordPress themes through online research and transitioned to CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks in 2016. My curiosity for programming languages led me to develop small-scale satisfying projects in Ruby, Python, Kotlin, and Go. In 2019, I delved into JavaScript, React.js, and Vue.js, and for the past three years, I have been actively coding websites with PHP and Nuxt.js.

From 2013 to 2019, I worked in a web design company in Trabzon, creating websites using Laravel and WordPress. Since 2019, I have been living in Germany and, as of July 2023, working on the back-end coding of an in-house software using PHP in a company.

Coding for my own projects is one of my top hobbies. I also have a strong interest in competitive computer games; they are not only entertaining but also enhance my strategic thinking skills. I love nature and the outdoors, so I often go for walks. Additionally, I find great enjoyment in listening to rap music.

The purpose of creating this blog is to share the knowledge and experience I have gained. I love sharing information; it makes me happy and I believe teaching others is the best way to learn. I hope the information you find here helps you in your own technology and programming journey.

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