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Tips for Safe Online Shopping

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives. However, it is always important to shop safely on the internet. The presence of malicious people and malware can cause us to worry while shopping. Therefore, it is important to know the tricks of safe online shopping and take precautions.

Stay Away From Shared Computers For Your Safety

When shopping online, it is important to stay away from shared computers and networks. Shared computers at work or elsewhere may carry a risk of viruses and malware. For this reason, you should prefer your own secure computer for shopping. You can complete your shopping without saving your password by using a computer with an anti-virus programme installed and you are sure of its security.

Prefer Reliable Shopping Sites

It is very important that the site you will shop is reliable. Shopping on reliable shopping sites protects you from malware and fraud. There are some elements you should pay attention to to understand the reliability of a site. Firstly, you can check whether the site has an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate provides a secure connection to the site by encrypting data transmission. A secure shopping site is displayed with a lock sign and the title “https://” in the address bar. You should also check the validity period of the certificate when you click on the lock sign. The SSL certificate ensures that your data is securely protected.

Use Strong Passwords and Care About Your Accounts

For a secure online shopping experience, you should keep your passwords strong. Simple and predictable passwords can put your account security at risk. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols when creating your password. Also, it is important to use different passwords for each account. This way, even if the password for one account is stolen, your other accounts will remain secure. You should also care about your accounts on shopping sites and not use simple passwords or email accounts that do not belong to you.

Prefer Secure Payment Methods

When shopping online, it is important to prefer secure payment methods. When shopping with a credit card, you should make sure that the site’s payment page is secure. A secure payment page displays the title “https://” and a lock sign in the address bar. Also, you should not confirm the option to save your card details on the payment page. Saving your credit card details on shopping websites can expose your card details to malicious people. If possible, you can make purchases using the virtual card service or do not forget to delete your saved card details after completing your purchase.

Avoid Logging in with Social Media Accounts

Some shopping sites allow you to log in using your social media accounts. However, this method can be risky in terms of security. If such an option is offered, you offer two different login options to malicious people. Therefore, you should avoid logging in to shopping sites with your social media accounts. Instead, you should use the site’s own account creation and login options.

Be Careful When Shopping on the Phone

If you want to shop over the phone, you need to be careful. Telephone calls can be recorded by companies and can be intercepted by malicious people. Therefore, it is not safe to read your card details over the phone. If you need to shop over the phone, we recommend that you change your credit card. This way, your credit card number and security numbers will change and your security will increase.

Other Points to Consider When Shopping Online

Other points you should pay attention to for a safe online shopping experience are as follows:

  • Take care of your accounts on shopping sites and don’t use simple passwords or email accounts that don’t belong to you.
  • When your browser asks if you want to save your card details, do not give your consent.
  • Do not approve the registration of your card details on shopping sites. It is important to pay attention to this situation, especially on sites of foreign origin.
  • Choose reliable shopping sites as much as possible and check user reviews.
  • Read and be informed about the return and cancellation policies of shopping sites.
  • Save the contact details of the site where you shop and have someone you can contact with questions.

It is important to be careful about safe online shopping and to know the precautions to be taken to ensure the security of you and your personal information. By following the tips mentioned above, you can have a safe shopping experience.

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